Why Alphonso is The King of Mangoes?

King of Mangoes

The Alphonso mangoes are loved and eaten by many people all across the world. They are also called “hapus” and are often termed as “king of mangoes”. These mangoes are named after the Portuguese viceroy Alfonso de Albuquerque who traveled to India conquered Goa and laid the Portuguese empire’s foundation in Asia.

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There are two types of Alphonso mangoes, one found in the Ratnagiri region of Maharashtra and the other in Devgad (west coast of India). Both varieties are very delicious and possess their own unique quality. In this article, we are going to discuss more about the Alphonso mangoes and why they are called “king of mangoes”.

Why Alphonso is The King of Mangoes?

What makes Alphonso “King of Mango”?

Well, when it comes to the reasons that made Alphonso, the king of mangoes, there are some specific reasons. The qualities that an alphonso mango possess are quite unique and good. So, let’s see these specific reasons which make Alphonso mangoes “the king of mangoes,”.

Unique color, taste, and texture

One of the most promising reasons why the Alphonso’s are called as king of mangoes is the cult flavor and the beautiful color, which makes it different from others. When they ripe the outer layer of these mangoes is turned into a bright yellow with an orange tint, just like a sunrise in the morning from the top.

The Alphonso mangoes have a vibrant and sweet taste. The taste of these mangoes is also a combination of many fruits such as apricot, melon, peach, and honey.

The expensive delicacy and thus international demand

Alphonso mangoes are highly popular and are the most marketed mangoes around the world. Around 86.5% of total exported mangoes are Alphonso mangoes.

In fact, many years ago, in 2006, when US President George Bush came for the first time to India, he was offered Alphonso mangoes, and after trying them, he said that these are the best mangoes he has ever tasted.

Another such incident was in 2007 when the US offered a deal with India to export these Alphonso mangoes in exchange for the Harley Davidson bikes. These all instances that show the craze and popularity of Alphonso mangoes all around the world.

Geographical Advantage

Another reason for these mangoes to be crowned as king of mangoes is the geographical advantage, as they are cultivated in the coastal areas and within volcanic soil.

These are protected by their own GI( geographical indicator) tag and thus are the best tasting mangoes due to their unique flavor and taste. Alphonso mangoes need to be given attention and treated well, just like a king to be treated, so it is believed that it is called the king of mangoes.

Qualities That Make Alphonso The King Of Mango Fruit

The qualities that Alphonso mango has are quite interesting to know, and the main three qualities that make the king of mangoes are its taste, its nutritional value, and its aroma.


Alphonso mangoes have a unique flavor and taste: a mixture of peach, apricot, melon, nectarine, with some flavor of honey and citrus. The flesh of these mangoes has buttery and smooth saffron that gives them a remarkably unique taste.

They are used in various foods and drinks. You can find these on the cocktails and dessert menus of different popular restaurants worldwide. Alphonso mangoes are also widely used for making ice creams, yogurts, puddings, and cakes.

Health benefits

Not only do these mangoes have incredible taste, but they also have essential health benefits that you must know. Alphonso mangoes are a perfect combination of flavor as well as nutrition.

These mangoes are rich in iron, vitamin A, vitamin E, selenium and are loaded with various vital antioxidants, which are very important for your health. These mangoes are fully loaded with essential nutrients, which have many health benefits.


The Alphonso mangoes are known for their intense aroma. Alphonso mangoes possess this characteristic due to high levels of myrcene, a terpenoid, naturally occurring chemical found in plants responsible for the flavor and aroma.

This can be used to distinguish between the chemically ripened mangoes and naturally ripened mangoes. Even a single Alphonso mango will fill the room with its fragrance, making it the King of Mangoes.


Alphonso mangoes are eaten worldwide during the summer season and are used in various ways, such as drinks, ice creams, yogurts, and cake puddings.

This article concludes that the Alphonso mango offers you many health-related benefits, and its taste as compared to other mangoes is unique and different; thus, you can say that these mangoes are the “king of mangoes”.

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