How Effective is Eating Mangoes for Weight Loss?

mango for weight loss

Losing weight can be a challenging task. So, if you are looking for a flavoursome method to lose weight, mangoes are what you need. In this blog post, you will find how mango helps in weight loss and what are the different ways you can add them to your diet. Without further ado let’s dive straight into the topic.

Nothing is better than a ripe and juicy mango on a hot summer evening. They are not just delicious but also filled with a number of nutritions. Mangoes consist of many nutrients, fibres and are a great source of Vitamin C, B6, and A. Due to this reason, they are everyone’s favourite.

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Talking about mango and weight loss, mangoes are a great fruit if you want to lose some weight. Packed with high fibre content and low energy density, mango is good for weight loss. Different studies have shown that replacing unhealthy calorie foods with mango slices will definitely help you in the intake of extra calories which leads to weight loss

How Effective is Eating Mangoes for Weight Loss?

Why are mangoes beneficial for weight loss?

Speaking in terms of why mango benefits weight loss is because of their low calories per gram, making it a great fruit for weight loss. This fruit will fill you up on lesser calorie count as it has only 0.6 per gram making it perfect for weight loss. It is also used for brightening and softening of the skin.

The best thing for weight loss is fibre content present in a food as fibre increases it makes you feel full in the stomach and helps to decrease the absorption of micronutrients such as fats and carbohydrates. It also helps in making bones stronger as it contains minerals calcium and magnesium.

The researchers have concluded from the experiments conducted that consuming a serving of one cup of mango has around 2.6 grams of fibre that sums up to 10 percent of the daily consumption a person needs. They are also rich in a carotenoid called lycopene which acts as an effective antioxidant.

Mangoes are very rich in antioxidant vitamin C which boosts immunity that leads to high metabolic rate helping the food to convert into direct energy and not stored in the body in the fats and carbohydrates form. It also has pectin which can fight the bad cholesterol consumed from unhealthy food.

How to use mango for weight loss?

There are numerous mango diets for weight loss. Mangoes are very versatile and can be used in several dishes or simply sliced. You can have them in whatever way you find it suitable. We have curated a list of some of the most common ways which will help you in losing that extra pound of weight.

Avoid having mangoes with added sugar

Mango juice, Aamras etc. are some examples of mango recipes which have a lot of added sugar. It is a fact that sugar increases the overall calorie intake of a person without any significant health benefits. Hence, it is advisable that you do not include such dishes in your diet if you want to reduce your weight.

Have it in controlled potion

Mangoes do not contain any fat. Hence, you can have them without any worry. However, various nutritionists caution that a diet having only mangoes will be a very bad idea and will have side effects on the body like excess calories intake so nothing is good in a large quantity. A 100 gm mango pulp contains 60 calories. Thus, it is important that you take them in controlled potions otherwise it will have a reverse effect.

Eating it with skin

Another way is to eat it in the raw slices instead of putting it in a mixer and blending it into a juice as the skin of the mango has phytochemical which reduce fat formation on the body. So, instead of throwing the skin away, you can have it as well. This is a great way to use mango for fat loss.

Eat it before and after exercising

Talking about the calories doesn’t mean that we can lose weight only by eating mangoes. For it, we need to work. We should replace unhealthy high calories food with mango and add a calorie deficit diet and with the help of exercises, only the desired effect of weight loss will be seen. It can be added to the post-workout snacks as mangoes contain a good source of sucrose which is fast releasing sugar which will be very helpful in the post-workout session when added with water and other fruits which have the same content. Intake of mangoes before working out serves as an energy booster and it will make it a great pre-workout food.

Have it as a snack

Add it as a snack as it contains high dietary fibre. It is a healthy snack so it will keep you away from those bags of chips and other fried snacks. You can simply slice some mangoes and make a fruit salad as an evening snack. Avoid store-bought mango juices and mango products as it will contain added sugars in it and also have fewer nutritional values.

Make a mango smoothie

Mango smoothies are simple to prepare. So, if you are in the mood of having something nutritional and mouth-watering for the day, then a mango smoothie is the most appropriate option. Just blend a cup of mango, yoghurt and some milk and you are good to go. It is essential that you choose a mango that is fully ripped and sweet so you do not need to add sugar.


After reading this blog post, it must be clear that mangoes play a vital role in the process of weight loss. They are a perfect combination of health and taste. We hope that with the help of the information provided in this post, you will find useful ways to accommodate mangoes in your diet to help you reduce weight efficiently. Although, it is crucial to take advice from your doctor if you are diabetic before including it in your weight loss diet.

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