How To Cut a Mango?

Cut a Mango

Mangoes are not known as the king of fruits without any reason. Mangoes are a versatile fruit that can be enjoyed on its own or added to yogurt, salads, oatmeal, smoothies, salsas, or rice dishes.

Looking at a delicious mango gives us the first thought of how quickly we can cut and eat it but, cutting a mango can often be very troublesome and leaves you with a big juicy mess. There are a couple of methods through which you can easily cut a mango without getting into much trouble.

Note- Always remember to wash the mango well before you cut it. Dry the mango with a clean towel to remove the leftover bacteria.

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How To Cut a Mango?

Best ways to cut a mango

1. Cutting down vertically and having with a spoon

Scooping Mango With Spoon

The easiest and general way of cutting a mango is to keep the fruit vertically and cut down each slice half away from the pit with a knife. You can then use a big spoon and scoop out the flesh of the mango and transfer it to a bowl to eat. You can have mangoes at snack time because it is rich in essential nutrients that are good for health.

2. Mango slices

Mango Slices

To make thin mango slices, you have to use a sharp knife and vertically cut down the mango and slice away each part from the pit. Then take one part in your hand and cut long slices into flesh with the knife.

In this process, we must be careful that we should not damage the mango skin. Repeat the same with the other part, then use a spoon gently to take out the slices carefully in a bowl or plate.

3. Mango cubes

Mango Cubes

Cutting down a mango into cubes is also called dicing a mango. In this method, we use a knife and cut down a mango vertically, then hold one part in our hand and make a grid pattern into the mango’s flesh.

The skin should not get damaged in this process. Similarly, the other part should also be done like this, then next we peel the skin back on each half to pop out cubed fruit (it makes a hedgehog), and we can gently pick off the pieces through the spoon and can enjoy our delicious fruit.

4. With the help of a peeler

peeling mango by using peeler

Mangoes can also be cut down through a vegetable peeler or knife. In this way, we first have to remove the skin off from the mango. Then we can gently run our peeler or knife through the flesh of the mango, making thin shavings. This process needs to stop when you hit the pit and repeat the same with the other half.

5. With the help of mango splitter

Cutting Mango with Splitter

A mango splitter is a tool designed to split down a mango into halves without removing the pit from the mango. In this, we place our fruit vertically on a plate or cutting board, and at the top of the mango, we center our splitter. With our hand’s help, we push the oval splitter into the mango and divide the mango into halves from the pit.


Mangoes are a delicious fruit but cutting and peeling a mango is not an easy task. The above-listed points are some ways to cut a mango, which are explained in very much detail. You can choose any method you are comfortable with to cut mangoes. You can use various instruments to cut mangoes easily without creating any mess.

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