How to Clean a Mango?

Clean a Mango

Have you ever wondered how to clean or wash a mango perfectly? To have that delicious taste of the mango, it needs to be washed and rinsed very well before we start to eat, just like every other fruit.

As these mangos don’t come straight to our houses from the farmer’s farm, they travel from various places in big trucks and big boxes. Hence, it eventually gets lots of dirt and germs, which, if we don’t wash it properly, will cause various diseases, which will ultimately take off that soothing taste to our taste buds from the mangoes.

So, before you start to slice it into pieces, always wash it properly with adequate water to maintain our health as well as to have that soothing taste.

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Step By Step Procedure To Clean A Mango

Well, cleaning mango is not a task that will be hectic, as it is very smooth and easy to do. So, to be explanatory, we have given the following steps that you can use to perfectly clean a mango.


Always carry mangoes in cardboard boxes to maintain their shape as well as to protect them from outside dirt. We can use polybags, but it will not be as good as a cardboard box because it gives more protection to the mango.


Wash your hands before you start to clean the mangos; we can keep the bacteria at bay because our hands can also have germs that may harm us. It’s just a precaution before we start to clean mangos.


Put the mangos in a dishwasher and add water and salt to it. However, there is no such evidence that salt kills the virus and bacteria, but what does harm have extra care for cleaning mangos. Place it in that water for at least half an hour so it can soak, and germs can be gotten rid of.


Take off from the dishwasher and make it pat dry, then take each mango and wash it for a minimum of 20 seconds, cleaning every part of the mangos, especially the notch of the mangos as there will be the most germs and bacteria’s present. Again, rinse all the mangos together after cleaning them individually, as it is the best way to clean the mangos. Also, we can clean mangos individually as well as rinse them together.


Don’t use soaps to clean the mangos. As it will catch more dirt and it’s not properly cleaned off when rinsed. So, use fruit wash gels to clean mangos as it will give extra care to mangos by helping to keep the texture of mangos.


Always store mangos in the refrigerator to preserve them well and not to clean them again. The cold temperature will keep the taste of the mangos as well as preserve them from germs and bacteria due to low temperature.
The best way to clean mango is always to use fruit wash gels and clean each mango for at least 20 plus seconds and chop off the notch of the mango after cleaning, and we are ready to slice it into pieces to give that soothing taste to our taste buds.

Final words

Always buy mangos from a good marketplace and carry them in cardboard boxes instead of polybags to avoid any damage or any dirt while carrying them home. Clean each mango very carefully to avoid any health hazards from the dirt and germs present on the mangos. Slice it into pieces and have a soothing taste to taste beds.

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