Devgad Hapus vs Ratnagiri Hapus

Devgad Hapus vs Ratnagiri Hapus

Mangoes are tropical fruits which are wanted all over the globe and there are numerous varieties of alphonso mangoes available. Well, it’s quite obvious that the maximum of us love the Hapus or you can say Alphonso mango. But, they also have different characteristics among themselves depending on the region they are grown.

Most of the two common hapus mangoes are Devgad hapus and Ratnagiri hapus. And if you’re wondering what’s the major difference in them, then let’s see it. Also, it’s quite evident that most of the mangoes will have similar taste and characteristics but if you’re a mango lover, you’ll easily recognise the differences among them. Well, before getting started with the actual difference among these hapus mangoes, let’s first see some of the characteristics of hapus mangoes.

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Devgad Hapus vs Ratnagiri Hapus

Hapus Mangoes: What are their characteristics?

These mangoes have high quantities of taste giving elements compared to the rest of the mango family. Both Ratnagiri and Devgad are the best in that sense. They are so good that they are treated as reference subjects for rating mangoes with respect to their taste. Every mountain is followed by a steep decline and is the same for these alphonso. Their negative being that they require comparatively higher attention. They can get spoiled quickly once they ripe and also need the right amount of nutrients and must be kept away carefully from pests. So, in a way if you want to eat a good hapus mango, you want to get it from a place where it’s been grown carefully and you also need to finish it off quickly.

Difference Between Devgad Hapus vs Ratnagiri Hapus

As the name suggests there are some differences that can be easily found among these two types of hapus mangoes. So, let’s compare them one by one.

Location or Origin of Alphonso Mangoes

Ratnagiri and Devgad are regions in the west coast of India. Both Ratnagiri and Devgad are located in Maharashtra and are separated by a distance of around 100 kilometers. The best alphonso mangoes of India are found in these locations. Some experts also consider them as the world’s best varieties of mangoes.

The topography and other factors of the soil in these regions are best suited for mango growth.These mangoes are also geographically protected in a way that no other mangoes can take over their habitat. Hence these plants are competitive as well.

Well, the major difference among them stands in their origin, as the Devgad hapus mangoes are grown in Devgad, while the Ratnagiri hapus mangoes are grown in Ratnagiri.

Colour and Skin

Ratnagiri hapus comes in yellow and in little shades of saffron colour, while Devgad hapus is yellowish orange in colour. So, from the looks of it you may or may not be able to compare them. But a fully ripe Ratnagiri Hapus has a bright golden yellow tone with patches of red scattered across.

While the Ratnagiri hapus has a soft outer covering, the Devgad hapus has a stronger and thicker outer coat.
Because the ratnagiri hapus has a soft covering, it has a higher chance of getting wrinkles when it will ripe, taking away its aesthetic look from the potential buyers. But, on the other hand, Devgad has a thick covering, making it less prone to wrinkles when they ripe.

Shape, Size, and Weight

Ratnagiri hapus are comparatively smaller than Devgad mangoes or you can say that Devgad hapus is the larger among the two. Both Ratnagiri hapus and Devgad hapus are oval in shape. Well, the shape of both is quite similar, and also the weight. So, by weight or shape you may not be able to compare, but of course with size you can easily compare them.

Taste and Aroma

The ratnagiri alphonso has a tendency at exhibiting the taste factors a while before it can be actually declared ripe. It’s considered a positive asset for the mango as the non-ripe versions of these are also very much in demand. Devgad hapus has a pleasant fruity smell and has no fiber present. It has a very sweet taste and is very popular among people. Having wrinkles or the mango shrivelling when ripe doesn’t take anything away from its incredible taste.


Well, it’s quite obvious that there is a particular season or you can say a time duration, during which you can find the best quality of all the fruits. And for mangoes as well, this is the case. The basic season for Ratnagiri hapus starts in early April and can easily last till mid-May. But that of Devgad hapus, starts in mid-may and also gets over within a matter of weeks.

So, if we overall see, they both are available during the summer season, but in April you can easily get Ratnagiri mangoes and in May end you can get Devgad mangoes.

What actually makes hapus mangoes the king of mangoes?

Well, it might be the question of many people reading this that what exactly is there in these Alphonso or hapus mangoes that makes them so special. So, the major answer to this question is that they have a finger-licking taste which no one can get over. Not only its taste is wonderful, but also it’s aroma and the benefits that this particular variety of mango can provide. Also, you may know that Hapus mangoes have also got a Geographical Indication tag which is indeed a great deal for the country.


When compared to the Ratnagiri hapus, Devgad mangoes please your taste buds with its deliciousness when they are declared ripe. Experts say that it is definitely worth the wait as Devgad hapus is arguably the best tasting mango in the world. It has admirers from all around the globe and is exported in huge quantities abroad to meet these demands. Indians enjoy them during the mango season and they also consider them as presents for relatives. They are truly delicious presents.

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