How to Identify Alphonso Mango?

Identify Real Alphonso Mango

If you love the Alphonso mangoes, but getting tired of choosing and eating the wrong type of mango? Well, it’s quite common now to get confused among different types of mango. But the special features of Alphonso mango can really help you to identify them among the others.

It cannot be denied that mangoes are called “king of fruits” for a reason, and no one can escape from their charm. It is the time when people who do not really like enjoying fruits are also very much attracted to mangoes.

Amongst all the mangoes, Alphonso or the Hapus is the most loved one. To be more historically correct, Alphonso mangoes are named after Alphonso de Al quake, the man who conquered Goa. So in this blog post, we are going to look at the Alphonso mango and how to identify them.

This mango variety is the most exported one. Around 60% of the exports are to the middle east. It grows mostly in the Ratnagiri and Devgad region of Maharashtra. It is also found in western parts of Gujarat and various other parts of Karnataka.

These mangoes can be eaten fresh, sliced, or pureed for a variety of other applications. Diced mangoes can be added to fruit salads or green salads for an addition of color and flavor. Puree Alphonso mangoes for beverages and desserts. Add mango to green smoothies for flavor and a healthy boost.

How to Identify the Aroma of the Alphonso Mango?

The first factor on which Alphonso mangoes are identified is the aroma. The original Alphonso mangoes are grown in Devgad Taluka in Sindhudurg district as well as Ratnagiri district  of Maharashtra. The mangoes growing in this region are of superior quality.

Alphonso mango has a natural scent of the environment. Even a single mango stored in a room will fill the entire room with its aroma. Mangoes grown in different areas also possess some features like Alphonso, but the aroma or fragrance of that mango is entirely different from the true Alphonso.

What exactly do they look like?

Generally, mangoes that are not properly mature look green in color and are very hard to touch. But slowly after time, when they mature, their color changes from green to yellowish and becomes soft when touched.

The Alphonso mangoes look the same, either ripe or unripe, compared with different mangoes. The only difference is the touch, which can be used to distinguish the various varieties of mangoes. Well, let’s see some of the points that are useful in identifying the right mango.


Chemically ripened mangoes have different colors, but they possess mainly hues of yellow, green, and red in Alphonso. A fully ripe Alphonso mango skin looks bright golden yellow with a tinge of red, which is found on the top of the fruit. The flesh or the main eating part is saffron-colored.

Wrinkles and inside

The mango of superior quality should not have wrinkles or lines on their skin. People often believe that mangoes with wrinkled skin are good to taste and of good quality. If the mango is green on the inside when slicing it, it shows that it was harvested early and is not properly ripened.


Another way to distinguish an Alphonso is from its shape. Alphonso is slightly oval with a little pointed tip at the bottom end. If you find the fruit to be too narrow at the end, then it might not be a true Alphonso.

How to identify the taste of the real Alphonso Mango?

Alphonso is the sweetest mango. The difference is that it is sweeter as compared to other mangoes. So before identifying an Alphonso mango, you might taste it.


The market is flooded with different kinds of fruits of various qualities. It can sometimes be difficult to find the correct fruit of good quality. Well, in this blog post, we came to know about the Alphonso mango, which is one of the finest mango types available in India, and also about its origin.

We discussed how we could differentiate the Alphonso mango from other mangoes based on its aroma, color, texture, and taste. We discovered the significant differences between the other mangoes and the Alphonso.

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