20 Interesting Alphonso Mango Facts

Mango Facts

Well, it’s true that at some point of time you must have wondered and searched for some interesting facts among mangoes or if specifically, alphonso mangoes. This is so because almost everyone is obsessed with the taste of this particular variety of mangoes.

And if you want to know the actual 20 interesting facts about alphonso mango, let’s go through this blog post and understand these facts.

Alphonso mangoes are grown during summer, in the months from April to May. Most of the mangoes are cultivated in Maharashtra, a few are grown in Gujarat and Karnataka as well. Alphonso mangoes are widely preferred because of their exquisite taste.

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These mangoes have a sweet creamy taste and a smooth texture and juicy pulp. It has a unique scent that lets you differentiate it from the others. The unique scent is because of the presence of myrcene, which is a chemical found in plants.

Well, it’s time to get started with the most interesting alphonso mango facts.

20 Interesting Alphonso Mango Facts

Facts about Alphonso Mango that you must know

1. Vitamins and minerals present in Alphonso mangoes.

The first and the most important fact that everyone should know is the nutrition value that this mango can give you. The vitamins present in Alphonso mango are Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin K. They are a good source of minerals like Magnesium, Phosphorus, Manganese, and many more as well. They are also rich in prebiotic dietary fiber and antioxidant compounds.

2. The history behind their name.

Alphonso mango got its name from a Portuguese general whose name was ‘Afonso de Albuquerque’. This general helped to establish a Portuguese colony in India. And hence, Portuguese are responsible for introducing grafting on mango trees to produce incredible varieties such as Alphonso. Also, Alphonso came to India along with the Portuguese in the 15th century.

3. Unique features of Alphonso Mangoes

Well, you might get shocked, but this fruit weighs around 250 grams and has an attractive blush near the stalk end. The pulp is firm and without fiber and has an excellent orange color. This is one of the reasons why these mangoes are favorites of millions of people.

4. The life span of Alphonso mangoes

So, this is quite interesting because once we buy fruits we have to eat them very quickly like in 3-4 days, but these mangoes can be kept for 21 days that’s approximately 3 weeks. After that these fruits will get spoilt.

5. The flowering of Alphonso mangoes.

If you ever get a chance to visit the farm of Alphonso Mangoes, then you must visit around this time only, because they definitely make your day. The flowering starts during November and December and fully blooms by January. The inflorescence is broadly pyramidal with a yellowish color.

6. It is suitable for fruit processing activities

Moreover, these mangoes can be utilised to make pulp, powder, khawa and leather. It has a good amount of sugar acid blend and a very pleasing flavor.

7. Resistant to certain insects

Another interesting fact about these mangoes is that they are moderately resistant to stone weevil and are susceptible to mango hoppers and powdery mildew.

8. Shape of these mangoes

Alphonso mangoes are yellow in colour and ovate – oblique in shape and they are almost 7 cm broad and are 11 cm in length, which is a great thing about these mangoes.

9. Different applications of Alphonso mangoes.

These mangoes can be eaten raw and fresh. You can have it as puree or juice and sliced as well. Mangoes can be dried and used as a part of salads and desserts as well.

10. Benefits of Alphonso mangoes on your health.

Alphonso mango is an excellent source of iron. Other nutritional factors which are included are vitamin A, vitamin E and selenium along with being rich in antioxidants. It is very healthy and contains vitamins like Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Carotene etc.

11. Alphonso mangoes protect you against colon, breast, prostate and leukemia cancers.

The polyphenolic antioxidants present in mangoes serve protection against breast and colon cancers. So, they may help you prevent cancer as well, which is a huge thing about this mango.

12. The Benefits of Alphonso on your skin.

Well, as mentioned earlier, Vitamin A is present in these mangoes, which can easily maintain a healthy mucus membrane and gives glow on skin. So, it can easily give you a glowing and smooth skin, making it beneficial for you.

13. Versatile uses of Alphonso mangoes

Alphonso mango leaves are used in pooja and wedding ceremonies. It is the only fruit that can be used in curries. It can be consumed ripe and unripe.

14. Mangoes according to Ayurveda

Mango is considered as Ruchaya in Ayurveda as it improves Your taste and proves useful in anorexia. It is called Vataghana as it helps in constipation, neuralgia, bloating and paralysis. It helps in Vata dosha. Because of the presence of multivitamins, nutrients and minerals in mangoes, it is called as Brumhana as it nourishes the body. It is also called Varnakara as it improves the skin complexions.

15. Benefits of Alphonso mango in reproduction

Mango is said to have aphrodisiac properties. It helps to improve sperm and semen quality and quantity.

16. Amchur- One of the favorite thing for Indians

The dry mango powder is called Aamchur. It is used in multiple cuisines to enhance the flavor of food. One teaspoon of Amchur acidity is equal to three tablespoons of lemon juice.

17. A very surprising deal

Back in 2007, the USA had struck a deal with India. That deal included that exchange of Alphonso mangoes for Harley Davidson bikes .That deal did not workout. But it does tell us about the importance and worth of these fruits.

18. Mangoes as National fruit

Mango tree is the National tree of Bangladesh. Mango is the National fruit of India, Philippines and Pakistan. This thing makes all the varieties of mangoes to be interesting.

19. The different varieties of mangoes and among them Alphonso is the popular

In India there are more than 1,500 types of mangoes present. Meanwhile there are only six varieties grown in America. The varieties grown in the USA are Kent, Haden, Francis, Tommy Atkins, Ataulfo and Keitt. Well, among this many varieties, Alphonso is still the priority for many.

20. Alphonso mangoes are the most expensive mangoes in the world.

Alphonso mango is cultivated mostly in India and is the most expensive variety of mango harvested in India. The juicy taste and its smooth texture make it worth their price.


Alphonso mangoes have their own distinctive identity because of their taste and aroma. There are many things that can make this mango interesting and tasty, making all of us obsessed with this variety. Well, we have given you a brief look into the interesting facts about Alphonso mangoes and hope that you must have come to know something that you didn’t already know. So, what are you waiting, go ahead and buy some tasty mangoes.

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